• The ULTIMATE roommate from hell

    by  • February 10, 2015 • Bitch! • 1 Comment

    I don’t even know how to start this off properly…. YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL! SEEK HELP ASAP!!! How the hell are you 25 years old with the mental and emotional capacity of a 17 year old?!?

    I meet you through a friend thinking you are a normal human being (boy, was I waaayyy off!) and you turn out to be a psychopath! We move into together as roommates and things were great at first. I should have known things were going to be off when you weren’t even prepared to move out of your place! HAD ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY knowing that to move into a place you must pay first months rent and a deposit first! My parents, out of the kindness of their heart, loaned you the money to move in AND the money to get you a bed! YOUR BROKE ASS DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A BED LMAO! Then you make a big scene about paying my parents the money that you owed them ASAP then tried to take forever to pay them! Then got mad about being pressured to pay in a timely manner! That’s how shit works in the real world bitch! People want their money by a deadline! I’m finding out now that you lied about being and knowing you were pregnant (I had the pleasure of finding out the information while you gave birth on the bathroom floor of our house), having a stable job, having a good credit score, and basically every aspect of your psychotic personality. And in the process you’ve caused me so much stress. You’ve lied about your job and paying your rent/half of the bills leaving me in the worst position possible to find a new roommate after you get evicted. You’ve even been stealing from me after all the kindness my family and I have shown you. Bitch you had the audacity to go into my room while I was sleeping and steal things from me! I should’ve slapped the dog shit out of you that night! Then you walk around with an attitude like I did something to you! No, YOU caused all of your problems. YOU are the reason that you are being EVICTED. YOU are the reason you don’t have a car. YOU are the reason that all the things you want in life seem so unobtainable. By the way, how the fuck are you about to be 25 years old and all you have to be proud of is a high school diploma? LMFAO girl bye…. You are one pitiful, dirty, low down, hoodrat bitch. You will never be shit in life! The rest of your miserable life will either be spent in Ruston or Jonesboro. Or maybe Arlington with your pitiful ass mother (who is also broke as fuck). Oh and do me a favor… Please wrap up your soiled sanitary products before you put them in the trash can. YOUR BLOOD SMELLS HORRIBLE.

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    1. Reader
      February 10, 2015 at 3:31 am

      lmao 10/10 would read again. that person sounds like a piece of work if this story is true

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