• Abandonment

    by  • February 9, 2015 • Parents • 0 Comments

    I finally climbed out of the well. It took me years but I saw the light & strived for it.

    I was greeted by a large group of strangers. Impressed by my feat, they embraced me with a warmth I hadn’t known before. I revelled in it for a short while until I spot my family.

    My family embrace me as if they thought I’d never come back. Sighs of relief and smiles of pride.

    And I look for you, but you’re not there. The father who swore he was always looking out for me but didn’t even visit. I want you to see me in the light, but do you deserve it?

    Honestly I didn’t think you’d be here. Honestly, I think you helped throw me down there. And I have a growing suspicion that you are trapped there yourself.

    But if I do throw you some rope, do you even have the sense to take it? I hope so, sincerely.

    Oh and I know my sister visits, and if you try to keep her there I’ll break your fucking skull.

    Love your son.

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