• Shadows and Sisters

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    To all four of my sisters.

    I love all of you, don’t get me wrong. I love Bran, even if she made some mistakes and choose to marry one of the biggest idiots around. Who has cheated on her more times then I can count. I am happy that he has stopped, that you are happy and I am happy that you now have four beautiful children.

    I love Amby, who I have stuck by even when I haven’t acted like it. I’ll admit I have been a bit of a bitch at times. But I do love you. I stuck by you in your marriage to that mama’s boy, who was lazy and never did anything at all. I stuck by you when you gave birth to a stillborn. And I stick by you now, when you’ve finally came out of the closet and have admitted to being gay. Did you honestly think we would care?

    The only one who has any problems with it is my mother. And lets face it, mom has problems with anything that isn’t what she considers proper. It’s just the way she is and frankly you shouldn’t care. You, Bran and Crystal aren’t her daughters and she should have no say in how you live your lives. So don’t let her.

    Next is Crystal, I forgave you for stealing and insults. I forgave you and accepted that maybe this is one thing that can’t be changed. But you know what I hope, that it can change. That we can speak again. And I will continue to hope that.

    Then there is Bree, the last of my sisters. I still live with you, we share the same room. Since I was little you have tricked me. Now I am terrified of spiders and for the longest time I couldn’t stand the dark. I still prefer to sleep with a light on. But still I love you and I always will. I support you in all the stuff that you do. Even when I think it’s stupid and that you shouldn’t do it. If it makes you happy. What right do I have to stop it?

    To all my sisters, all of my life. I have done one thing, I have looked up at you and hidden in your shadows. As the youngest of the family, I always did things last, so you’d already done everything. For the longest time I hated it.

    Living in one shadow is bad enough. But four shadows? From people so different yet so much a like. It’s not even funny.

    But as I grew older and actually look at you, I see things. How different you all are and how being in the spot light has changed each of you. And when I make a mistake, no one makes a big deal.

    Because you’ve already done it. And for this, I say thank you. I love you all and I am happy with living in your shadows. Because by living in your shadows, I am able to watch. To stay quiet, and no one will notice. I know most people want to be noticed. But, I guess I am strange. Because I can’t stand the idea of living in the spotlight. It scares me.

    Thank you

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