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    to: a condescending piece of shit who acts super confident but suffocates under the weight of their own insecurities.

    is it fun to put others down? i’ve seen you, watched the way you treat other people. i don’t know you, don’t know the people you mock either, but i do know this–you have to be the most insecure person i’ve ever had the rotten luck to encounter. your boisterous laughter is empty, your eyes are dull, you don’t even have any real friends. you sit around with your clique and snap at people who admire you, not realizing that underneath your carefully applied lipstick and concealer is an ugly, rotten heart.

    i see the way you stare at yourself in the mirror whenever we’re in the bathroom together. the hatred in your eyes as you look at your reflection. the insecure quiver of your lips as you fix your makeup. you hate yourself. hate yourself so much, you start to hate others too.

    i nicknamed you Excuses after you told one too many.

    the guy you dated last year wasn’t the one who uploaded your nudes, no, it was your so-called friend, the one he’s currently dating. your other friends call you Whale behind your back. the girl you called ugly this morning? yeah, she just received an acceptance letter to an Ivy college. the other girl who you told to go on a diet? she’s anorexic, has aspired to be like you ever since she laid eyes on you, and she won’t be at school on monday. or tuesday. or for the rest of the month. she’s in a coma, overdosed on some sketchy diet pills. the guy who you grew up with? you know, the one so hopelessly in love with you despite you treating him like dirt? yeah, he’s finally moved on, and you dare call his girlfriend a “downgrade” and act jealous, even though you could care less about him? what about that one teacher who always expects more out of you, who believes you’re better than a straight D student…why do you always give him a hard time? call him a pedophile, accuse him of “wanting something” from you, when all he wants to see is a goddamn A on your report card?

    so, Excuses. how does it feel to cause so much misery in others? how do it feel to instill self-hatred in others? you know what, i guess that it’s okay. at the end of the day, no one, not even me, will hate you more than you do yourself.

    enjoy the rest of your pitiful, miserable, self-loathing life. i notice more than i should. i know more than my fair share of school gossip. but, Excuses, you’re running out of excuses. what are you going to do now?

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    1. Thoughts
      February 9, 2015 at 5:49 am

      This sounds like something straight out of “Mean Girls”. Don’t be nasty and condescending and judgmental like you are in your letter to other girls, even if they were that way first… maybe someone was that way first, to them. It is a vicious cycle that you only help to perpetuate. Find nice friends and focus on the people you do like and do trust. Don’t talk badly about other girls behind their backs and celebrate backstabbing and frenemies and other bs… to some people, it sounds like you and other girls were jealous of this flawed girl, helped put her on a pedestal/throne, and are now dancing around it and stomping on her as she gets de-throned. It’s petty and a waste of time. Just an opinion.

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