• Dear you ..0.00

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    Dear You ….0.00

    I always have and still miss you..
    Going away on my journey, I think about U daily even when am Home and miss you more than anyone else… Specially now, this week…
    I want you to feel it , everything is real but unfortunately we are having misunderstanding and having trust issues.
    I do love you but I am confuse with you, on what u want and that stops me from a lot of things I want to say…
    I see you being unfair with me many times,
    You come & go when you like…
    You say what you like , when you like…
    I wish I wish you would talk what is in your heart and what u want to do…
    Maybe it’s u who’s not being real ?

    Recently you accuse me of something which isn’t true and other times, but the way you go about it ????
    Also not giving me opportunity to listen understand and give no chance…
    And get angry , then go the wrong way about it..

    JUST IF, IF you were calm understanding listening and good at communicating
    We would not have issues…
    All trust would be their …

    I am not doing anything wrong to what u think in your head and how it makes you feel, however I understand the situation, it’s not appropriate and you can’t accept certain things BUT TALK!

    And I know am not perfect but I try !

    Look if I wasn’t real ????
    I wouldn’t be here writing whilst am out there.

    Always have and still love you
    “Never say never”

    I am waiting for you …..


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