• Goodbye Girl

    by  • February 5, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Am I always going to be your Goodbye Girl (you know who sings it)? I find it so hard saying goodbye every time but you seem to find it so easy. If you don’t then I wish you would tell me, just like if you love me I wish you would tell me. I’m here thinking either you just don’t feel all the things I do or you do and you don’t tell me. I wanted you to tell me so much last weekend, when it was just us in a place which was just ours … our private world … I wanted to stay there forever with you and I wanted it to be the first time we said the words. But it wasn’t and I’m missing you so much, I wish I felt you were missing me too. I love you, I love you far more than I ever planned to, than I ever expected to. I want to be with you, not just here and there but properly and permanently. I want to wake up and kiss you every day, I want to see you there in the mirror behind me … holding me, not just a memory. If you love me please tell me, it’s hurting so much at the moment to be without you it would make you feel closer even when we’re not together. I can’t stop thinking at the moment … what if we could make it? What if our love was the right love for both of us? What if …? Would you …?

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