• So..I think I may have eternal heartbreak disorder.

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    Hi Ex,
    Its been a while, hasn’t it. I wish I could call you or give you a hug, or just plain say, hey old friend..I miss you. So much.

    But I can’t. You know why? Coz you moved on so damn quick. You got married recently! Married! Wow! (What was I thinking, geez. Where did our “proposal” go, of a few years past?. The one where we joked about our future kids. Remember that? Yea, I thought so.).

    So yes, where was I? Oh yes, you got married. To someone pretty. Elegant. Beautiful, even some might say. She seems your type.Or at least the type of features I know you were attracted to and by. But more than that, she seems like a good person. I wish you well, I really do. Because just like I once loved you (and maybe I still do), I am still struggling to “un-love” you.

    But you know what sucks? Not being told. Heck, I wasn’t expecting an invite, but old friend, a little heads up would have been nice. Instead of finding, or should I say SEEING your weddding photo on Facebook. Umm yea, that’s how it rolls.

    Anyway I think I have eternal heartbreak disorder. With you in my mind and thoughts for many years now (5 actually, since I’m counting), I wish I could also “love” again, and be “in love”, and just get married. But knowing myself, I know its a long walk I have to face.

    No worries..I’ll manage. It could have ended another way y’know? But it didn’t. And that SUCKS.

    That chick from yester years.

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