• A Mother knows best.

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    After all the lies, hurt, humiliation. How could you lie about that.
    He is my son all I have. I am all he has.
    I asked you if you ever knew of him in that situation, to prevent it if you could. You promised you would.
    I told you the reasons why. I told you how it made me.
    I begged you to stop him if possible.
    You promised you would if you could

    Then I was told you gave it to him.
    I asked you, never to do that.
    I kept asking you if was true. You swore on your loved ones you didn’t.

    You even cracked the shit with me, for even thinking you had.
    Your words. ” I have children to you know, why would I”

    I used to be so angry at your ex for not letting you be A Dad.
    I have no empathy for you. You are a stranger to me.
    If I was your ex. I wouldn’t want you around with that sort of attitude either. However it was my son you subjected to the shit. When I asked you not to. All a big game to you. Let’s hope you don’t need anything from me, where your sons are concerned. Like you reckoned you might. Cause you won’t get it.
    My boy was at the end of 4 years from hell.
    I told you I was suicide on the shit.
    Told you why. Told you my son would not handle it. You had to play god though, didn’t you.

    Well, hell has no fury like a mother’s scorn. This is worse than all of your little games and lies rolled into one.

    I will not be cowering from anyone you can throw at me on this one.
    It may have been different if I hadn’t confided in you. About it all. Fore warned is forearmed. You knew better. Why in the world would you want to open Pandora’s box. When you knew..better not to….There are some lines you just don’t cross.

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