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    It’s been a few weeks since we talked and I miss you. I know I said things the last time that you never let me finish. I have to live with that. All the ups and downs we’ve gone through. All the heart breaks, tears, laughter, and passion ended.
    I wanted to feel as if you cared enough to put the same effort into us as I was. I’ve told you I don’t know how many times that I wanted to see changes. To feel as if this relationship was a two way and not just me struggling and feeling lost. I wanted to feel as if we were BOTH actually trying. Not just me. I want to know that you’re willing to try as hard as I am. I want to feel as if this relationship has both working towards some thing better. Some thing that we could be happy with. Something the 3 of us could be happy with.
    Every single thing I do, doesn’t have just an effect on me. It has an effect on my daughter as well. I have to weigh things based off that. Some times I have failed, some times not. I just knew with how we were, that it was not a good place for my daughter. Yet I hoped.. I hoped that things would get better. To be stable. To get to a place that I could bring her around you.
    Its almost Valentines day. I cant even imagine myself being with anyone else. No matter the day..

    Still IN love with you and miss you.

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