• Shaken

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    Hey you,

    You’ve made me miserable. I like what you have so much and I made the mistake of letting myself fall for you. I came back to school from abroad this semester on top of the world in my personal life. I was confident, I was independent, and I loved myself and my friends. I was content until I met you. You bulldozed your way into my life with your perfect smile, odd style, and casual demeanor. You shook me to my core, knocking away all contentment and confidence until I was back to being a scared, confused, lonely little seventh grader the day he realized he was gay. It’s been years since I’ve felt so insecure about myself. What’s worse is all the unknown. I’ve never been in love before, never connected emotionally with anyone. Are these feelings really worth having if I don’t know if they’ll lead me to that end? Or is this a meaningless torment? Even more than that, I don’t know you. How dare you destroy me so fully on the inside when all I know is your name? And yet, I want more.’

    Because more than anything, I’m so Goddamn fucking tired of feeling lonely.

    So congrats, you’ve made me miserable. Give me a chance to make us both happy in return.

    An eternally lonely soul

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