• I need your arms around me.

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    I need your arms around me. I need the comfort I felt the other day when you took your shirt off for me to dry my tears on. I need you to answer my calls. I cannot tell you how much I have grown to need you, I have never felt quite like this. I feel weak and scared. I feel as though I have lost so many things in my life, my short life, that I cannot bear to lose another right now. I am confused by my need for you because that need makes me want to run. I told you I was done running, that I would not do it this time. I will not, but now I am fearing that you are running. I fear that you are running because you saw the broken side of me. I just had to stop my typing in order to dry my tears. I admit, here and only here, that I quietly worry about my intentions right now. Am I feeling this need for you because of the fractures of my life? I do not think so, and I truly hope not. Since the moment I picked you up I have been comfortable with you, really comfortable. Insanely comfortable. It feels almost magical to be that way with someone. You look at the damaged parts of me and make me feel like they are healing. You offered to help me and even my kids in a truly heartfelt way. That alone makes me thinking about running. I will not run from you, please do not run from me. I started this letter saying how much I need you. I do need you. Maybe not forever, but right now I do. I need your eyes, your smile and that silly one eyed look you do. I need the fierce protectiveness I see in you. I need how you make me feel so very special. I need you to show my the softer side of me and help me like it. I need your honesty and your sweetness. I need the way that laying my head on your shoulder puts me to sleep. Mostly, right now, I need your arms around me.

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