• Dear Depression,

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    Dear Depression,
    You have controlled all three years of my middle school years, and thus far you’ve controlled one year and one semester of my high school years. You’ve caused me not only hurt myself physically and emotionally, but the ones I love as well. You Invited a friend called anxiety that caused me to miss so many opportunities because I was too scared of what Kay happen. You caused me to turn to bad habits; instead of a pencil sharpener as an office supply, I see it as a friend I look in the mirror what’s in my stomach, it causes me to gag. I’m not going to lie, you helped realize that my friends were assholes, but now you’re the only asshole. You caused me self loathing and took away my youth. The days that I’m supposed to live before I’m stuck working a job for the rest of my life… now is the time. I say goodbye. I’m ditching you. You’ve caused so much hatred and you’re no longer welcome.
    the crooked minded

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