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    I am posting here in hopes that you will see this (you probably never will)
    First let me start by saying that I never meant to hurt you, and it tears my insides up that i did.
    That said, I have some things that have been on my mind. Haunting me actually…
    I tried as best as I could to be a “really good guy” lord knows I’m no angel, but i did try.
    The way I see it though was like this:
    The harder I tried, the less you loved me. You have become a willing victim of the dating hamster wheel. I use the word victim, because I don’t believe for one minute that you’re happy with your behavior. With all of the instant gratification of a million different different guys to choose from, it’s just too easy to give up, and move on to the next shiny object. Why should you have to try? After all, you’re the woman, and you SHOULD have your ass kissed. And why not???
    It’s this attitude that totally pissed me off. All I wanted was for you to be my woman. I don’t think that was too “controlling” or too much to ask. It’s been this way since the beginning of time. So what’s a guy to do? Should I have just been some kind of jackass who should be seen and not heard? You obviously like to be politically correct, but I think you have your proportions out of whack. I’m a human being. A man who loved you, not a control freak, or some kind of monster. But I guess these are the lessons that life has taught you…

    The worst of all though, is your major drinking problem. I never wanted to say too much about it for 2 reasons.
    A) You were “just having a little fun” and although at first I thought it was cute, I quickly realized that when you’re wasted, you like to say nasty hurtful things. It’s totally embarrassing. You don’t even see how bad it actually is.
    B) Given your family history, I know that deep down inside, you know how this ends. To me, I couldn’t bear to tell you that you are becoming the very person that you hate the most.

    It’s always been the problem between you and me.
    Given my circumstances, I had to run…

    I love you. I always have, I always will, because I know that deep beneath what you’ve become is a good person who is scared and just needs help.
    I hope you find it, and I hope you’re doing okay.
    I’m still torn up over you… Maybe in some alternate universe things would have been perfect.


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    3 Responses to 920

    1. Youre right.
      February 3, 2015 at 2:59 pm

      These are my faults. But what does all of this say about you? Lets be real, you probably would not want to hear this version of you, would you?


    2. Author
      February 4, 2015 at 2:42 pm

      I realize that writing letters on here could be left open to interpretation by anyone. People looking to vent their frustrations, scorned lovers, even cat fishers…
      I’ve written several, and I’ve got a reply on every one. None of which were from the person I’m talking about.
      If however this is you please leave your initials, and I would love to hear your version of things. I’ve been left baffled as to how we got to this point in the first place.I’m not angry, just baffled, and I’m having a really tough time moving on.
      Part of me hopes it is you,
      part of me hopes it’s not…


    3. J.
      March 26, 2018 at 12:28 pm


      Well,,, Its 4 years later, and I did it again.
      I fell into your stupid little trap. Shame on me.
      Well, I’ve finally learned my lesson, and now I hate you with every fiber of my being. You are a selfish drunk, an over the hill old used to be “nice girl”.
      Oh how I can’t wait for karma to come back around and fuck you over.
      You use EVERYONE in your life. It’s disgusting!
      It’s probably your job (you fucking teachers really think you’re better than everyone else) plus the fact that you’re a pickled old wino slut!
      You think you look good????
      HAHAHA! What a joke!
      I was just being polite.
      Your ass is as fat as always, and not in a good way.
      You walk around in your “mom” jeans with your fat ass crack hanging out of your oversized thong like you’re the shit…
      I got news for you… guys just tell you you look good for a quick pump and dump. (you know this already) Silly bitch. Go bang 100 more guys from okc. You and I both know the truth. You can’t do any better than some hard up stranger looking to bang a random cum dumpster. That would be YOU!

      You’re a hoarder, you’ll always be a hoarder. You can’t even clean your own toilet bowls, and who lets an animal shit and puke all over their home, and doesn’t clean it up… you’re beyond disgusting. You’re unsanitary!

      Did I really think I was going to find the “old Sue?” She’s long gone, dead as a doornail. As are the memories of whatever good times we had together. I’ve buried her, and her memories.

      If I see you in public, Im gonna spit in your selfish bitch face…
      So do yourself a favor, and stay away from the places I go. i promise you
      it WILL be a problem. If you see this, and you want some… then bring it!
      I don’t give a fuck.
      The nice guy days are over.
      Consider it payback for shit I did around your house like a dumb ass.

      I no longer love you.
      I hate you, and everything you stand for!
      You’re not even worth a nick name other than dumb skank bitch!
      Consider yourself an enemy.

      Go fuck yourself & die already.

      and for any other stupid hamster bitch, if this sounds like you, then FUCK YOU too!



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