• A new you.

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    If love didn’t require tact and patience; if love was not contingent on right moves, I’d be sending you this tonight.

    I am the kind of person who plunges in headfirst and the kind who has scars to prove that.

    My eyes are seldom party to the crime of falling in love. The responsibility of attraction rests solely on my brain. The idea of people is what appeals to me. I fall for characters.

    But with you it was different; your face jumped at me with a speed that would shame rays of light. I almost couldn’t look at you for too long without sighing.

    I almost chose not to approach you; to not be greedy; to take the high road because I was afraid of breaking the spell. But wine took over and I reached out to you. You were every bit as humbling a person to speak with as you were to look at. I could tell I sparked something in you too.

    We have decided to go out.

    I really really really like you. Please be there. I mean please be there the way i have imagined it. Sparkling, funny, nonjudgmental, open and kind. Oh and fragrant!

    Disturb me. Meet my thoughts with your strong opinions. Make me disagree a little and have precise ideas about what you want. Maybe even some utopian aspirations. The courage to do something and the balls to own up to it.

    I promise to make eye contact but if you were to look back into my eyes in a way that stops my air supply, I assure you the most entertaining, awkward yet quirky expressions. Lean in when I talk. And if I end up wanting to kiss you, please kiss me back softly and then don’t take too long to grab me by my hair. Lets lose our breaths and our senses, one by one.

    It has been a really long run, chasing chances. Please be it. Please exist.

    P.S: If I wasn’t worried about scaring you, I’d ask you to meet me tonight at the promenade with a bottle of wine and I would bring my soft blanket – both of us dressed for bed. Maybe I’ll save that for our second date. Or maybe you’ll suggest it first.

    4 Responses to A new you.

    1. words
      January 26, 2015 at 3:18 am

      get in the way

    2. K
      January 26, 2015 at 10:15 am

      I would say send this. In life you get what you ask for.

    3. The Promenade Is
      February 19, 2015 at 11:02 am

      A beautiful stretch of Road that runs parallel to the ocean in Mullaloo where there is two parks that cascade down to the ocean. Or to have a relaxing Sunday overlooking it all from the small yet idealic Mullaloo Beach Hotel or the several café’s below…It feels like your on a overseas holiday when there?

      So many key words revealed? Rays of light, Wine? Red is your preferred? Fragrant. Of course for that is always a given. I have no less than five varieties at a given time. What do I want? You already know the answer? In fact I desire for much more yet that will be one of the ballsy utopian aspirations you’ll hear as I lovingly whisper words as I caress you whilst gazing intently upon you for you have always commanded my attention & your very being that is you feels the reverberating energy harmonizing as one with you. I even remember your favourite choice of Red!

      • Kinni
        February 10, 2018 at 10:39 pm


        I am the writer of this post and I have read your comment before a few times. I didn’t quite appreciate it before, as much as I did today. Hope you’re doing well and I hope you read this. <3

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