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    I feel so drawn to u. I’ve caught u looking at me and I find myself just staring at u. I didn’t do anything and I wasn’t trying to look for this. It just happened out of the blue. A lost love has come back into the picture. This person isn’t doing anything about us.


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    That is what you said about our chances of us ever ending up together. Yet, you can’t let me or us go. This is why I must continue to try to forget you. It’s never going to happen. You’re never going to leave her. This is why I have this wall of ice around my

    The change

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    l confess I am having doubts now. I said I wouldn’t walk away but you push me away. What more do expect of me? I fight to stay but all we do is fight. Your everything I wanted but I guess that comes with a price right? Your loyalty. Is it all there? Your trust.

    Dear Bunny

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    Dear bunny, I feel so tired of wanting to cry everyday. So, today, I decided to indulge myself and cry. I cried at work after we got back from lunch. I cried at work while I was trying to get my charts sorted. I cried at work after you have left me there. I cried

    I Seek

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    It is hard to walk among this way when a can´t seem to find a soul who lives for a passion rather then to walk on the cycle of a simple life. I trust thee so i can find a place where common man make extraordinary days, life can´t just be it we have to


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    Purrrrrrrrr. You made it very clear from day one you weren’t looking for a relationship.. And neither was I. But I’m stoopid and fell for you. Damn’t. I don’t want to like you because I know you’ll just hurt me. So I’m going to stay far away. -MM Related Post Heartbreak and hurt I’m sorry…