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    Hope Floats

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    Just around the corner someone else is waiting for me to give them the time of day and when I do, all I ask of you is don’t make stuff difficult. Don’t do it because I have given you a chance of a lifetime to being loved and you refused it . So a girl


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    I know I am not the only one and I am fine with that most of the time. However, I am mad at you for the intimacy you showed me. It made me care about you. I think it was all an illusion. I am tired of only being used for sex by people. And

    I believe

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    I believe there is love out there for me. I believe that it’s going to be nothing I’ve ever dreamed of before. I’m open to that when it comes. I’m just scared already to open up and be vulnerable. Anew day Related Post To her… It’s Over Dear Jordan

    Two Lost Souls

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    Dear You, Both of us have been deeply hurt by our loved ones and now it’s hard to trust others. Granted, our experiences are vastly different. Still, somehow we found each other. We both seek love and affection but don’t want the added drama of a “real relationship”, but who are we kidding. What we