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    Trust issues

    by  • December 7, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 3 Comments

    I find it so hard to trust anyone after I’ve been cheated on. I’m laying here awake and nearly sunrise,my leg in soo much pain. Too many women has betrayed my trust already and I think my ex will be my last.. That’s a wound that will take very long 2 heal.. I don’t allow

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    *Frustration !

    by  • December 7, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Frustration • 1 Comment

    So here’s my thing after having one crappy, miserable day.. Inconsistency is unattractive as hell. How do u treat someone like they mean something one and than take a completely 180 on the next. You see peoples true colors when you no longer a beneficial in to lives. Don’t ever use someones past against them

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