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    I think about you too much. I just miss you a lot. I wish we had never started talking on a personal level. I thought u liked me. In the way you looked at me, the things you said. I liked you. You were a funny man. But it will never happen. You are too old for me and it would not seem appropriate I guess. I need to face the fact that u can never really be a part of my life. Maybe a part of my social media life but nothing more, not a permanent part. I want something to divert my attention from all of this. Maybe start dance lessons. I need not fall for anyone. I am scared. I act like I don’t want love, I reject it, when it’s all I want. I don’t know why i’m emotionally claustrophobic, especially for a woman. Of course I want to have fun, what what am I going to be left with when the fun is over? Nothing. And I am not a fan of being used. Maybe I think too highly of myself. I don’t want to be anything to someone unless I’m something special. Not at all, I don’t think too highly. I love and respect myself too much to be nothing but a good night to people. Unless its my call, then it’s definitely ok.
    I need to stop. I have no reason to like this man so much. I never thought about him, I never really cared. Its about time I go back to that stage but it seems impossible. I miss him a lot.

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    1. Anonymous
      November 29, 2014 at 8:59 am

      Hi Sweetie,

      I have been there before. I have felt exactly as you have. The only way I escaped the thoughts and missing my ‘him’ was by focusing on becoming a better version of myself, a better person.

      It worked.

      I have moved on and am happy now. I wish you the same.



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