• venomous evil bitch

    by  • November 28, 2014 • Anger • 1 Comment

    That is what you are-I have never known such a mean awful rude sniveling horrendous mean bitchy truly evil person. You do whatever you can to put other people down. I am shocked you have any friends-everybody knows what a rude sarcastic uptight cunt you truly are. I hate you, I want you to die-if I never see you again it will be too soon. I am glad you are losing everything. I hope you fall into a deep dark hole and die a really slow painful death. I do not understand where all your evilness comes from but rest assured it has been there for years. I feel sorry for your husband and family-they must suffer unimaginably. die-die-die- you are ugly with your awful died black hair and weird man shaped body -those shoulders make you look like a football player -you are gargantuan and then you put on high heeled hooker boots-hahahahaha-makes you look even more ridiculous…ridiculous…just go kill yourself now…nobody likes you-your husband has said to me-I can’t stand her…she is unreasonable. I am not one bit surprised you have been fired from every job you have ever had -you are a bitch. I am not surprised you couldn’t keep any of your businesses afloat-your are truly the stupidist person I have ever met. just fuck off and die already.

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    1. Why would you
      November 29, 2014 at 9:21 pm

      Spew out such hatred for this person. Your story doesn’t make sense. You talk to their husband who supposedly confines on you but you think she is evil. Who gives you the right to judge someone? I don’t think this is a real story but just a made up scenerio to get sympathy.



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