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    In the day I busy myself until you are pushed back into the corner of my mind.

    But at night you come back when I sleep.

    Hope you aren’t thinking about me like this.
    It’s more than painful.

    Good dreams are nightmares when you realise they can’t be real.

    I just wanted to talk. The one talk you always avoided.
    The one that ended up fucking shit up.

    I feel alot better after trying to put in words how confused I feel..

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    1. It's Funny...
      November 29, 2014 at 9:29 am

      For it was you who I thought were coming to me in my dreams which in turn brought me here recently! I did fuck things up didn’t I:( regardless of why/when I was like that towards the end. You’ve heard me say how sorry I was before? All I will say now is when I lost you it was the most painful & hardest lesson in my life. I didn’t like it yet I needed that wakeup call to which i put to good use to better myself. It changed me for the better as I decided to travel down a hard yet rewarding path.

      P.S. I never thought of dreams/nightmares like that & I doubt I ever will




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