• My Best Friend’s Clingy Boyfriend

    by  • November 25, 2014 • Frustration • 0 Comments

    Dear boyfriend of my best friend,

    I did not travel nine hours, 500 miles, and take off three weeks of work to come spend time with my best friend for nothing. Instead, you are here EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, SPENDING THE NIGHT, and up her ass. I get that you love her, I’m glad you want to treat her right. But YOU have forever and ever to see her. I don’t. I wish you would just back the fuck off, long enough that she and I can spend a decent day together, just the two of us, without interruptions. Because we both know that when you’re around, her full attention is placed upon you.

    I feel the need to be envious of you, because while you can do endless things with her after I leave, my time with her is limited. You’ve known I was coming for a while. Instead, you squeeze your ass into bed, and I’m forced to either sleep with three people in the bed, or move to the couch. When she and I plan to go somewhere, the plans change suddenly and I’m forced to wait three hours for you two to have a “private talk” before we go SOMEWHERE ELSE instead. You think buying me a box of Gushers is going to make me like you more? No, it makes you look like you know exactly what you’re doing, and don’t give a shit. How do you think I feel, going out with you two and feeling like the third wheel? It’s not pleasant. It’s not pleasant that since I’ve been here, there hasn’t been ONE GODDAMN day that you haven’t showed up. I don’t appreciate having to wait outside the bedroom for two hours to get my things for a shower, while you two have sex.

    I’m not saying I don’t like you. I’m just saying you need to realize that right now, This is an A-B visitation, and you need to C your way out of it.

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