• From Passive Colleague. To Incompetent Co-Worker.

    by  • November 25, 2014 • Co-Worker • 1 Comment

    Hello Lazy Ass Co-Worker,

    Science requires a certain level of precision, patience, and competence. I resent you as my colleague. Not only are you inexperienced, you’re a lazy pile of shit and dangerous to work with.

    You eat food in the same lab that we culture ecoli and stock aquatic microorganisms. While disgusting, it is also highly against lab safety regulations. If you got sick myself and our boss would be liable.

    Your philosophy “Don’t do anything that does not make you happy,” is just a bull shit excuse to avoid doing the necessary tedious tasks required in a lab. We are students, being a productive and successful student is not fun and games, it is a means to an end. Your work ethic and mistakes reflect badly upon myself. I am sick of staying several hours after work to correct your mistakes and do your job. Seriously, FOR GOD’S SAKE, get your shit done!

    I your presence is intolerable, even the thought of you is aggravating. Your voice makes me want to punch a wall. I can’t stand your face, I hate your lackadaisical attitude. While happiness is important, doing your fucking job is too. stop trying to shove your happiness philosophy down my throat, life is not a bunch of bunnies and milkshakes. If you don’t want to do your job the right way there is a great solution, quit and receive the welfare checks you don’t deserve.

    I would never recommend to another employer, in fact I am just waiting for the right time to report you. Better get your shit together before the rest of my very short wick burns out.

    Your Resentful Colleague.

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    1. haha
      November 25, 2014 at 5:36 am

      Its people like you that make the work place miserable. Learn how to deal with people. You’re the one whose an a**!



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