• I wish I could tell you, but I can’t..

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    I waited too long. But I still think about it all of the time. It’s one of those once in a lifetime, only in the movies, never really happens moments.. But it happened. And I’ll never forget it. I was with them (mine). And i saw him, the most beautiful creature ever. We were walking in his direction, when I saw him and it practically made me want to bolt. But I couldn’t. It would have been insanely obvious. So I had no choice but to hold course. And during that course, he looked up. Our eyes locked. I looked down because I am beyond shy. But I had to look back. He was that beautiful. He was still looking and I was mesmerized. He literally captivated me. Our eyes locked. I smiled. And he smiled. I will never forget it. He made me feel so beautiful. I could see it all over him. I connected with him on a level that I still don’t understand. Although I was with them, during those few moments, it was just he and I. As I walked towards him I literally came within a foot (or less!) and I wanted to touch him, but I couldn’t. And as I approached he turned his head as much as he could as I walked behind him. Our eyes remained locked. He kept me in his sight as long as he could. I will never forget his sweetness. I didn’t want to leave that moment, but I had no choice. I was with them. His smile showed me he understood. And he made me feel special. I imagined that I brushed his upturned chin. I knew he would have welcomed it. But it wouldn’t have been right. And after I had passed, it took everything I had not to turn around too soon. I could feel that we were being too obvious. He left an imprint though, that’s for sure. I looked for him afterwards. Not that I ever thought anything would come of it, but he was so beautiful that I wanted to see him again. I already knew he was special. But I never saw him after that moment. He left too soon. It took awhile before I put the pieces together, but I eventually did. That moment haunts me sometimes. I pass that same place and he is no longer there. I always still imagine it and reminisce every single time. He was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. I saw it. And I personally will never forget him, even if no one else knows. I will replay that moment forever. He really was the most beautiful man ever.. I saw him. I felt him. (Please forgive me for keeping it to myself).

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    1. Unknown
      November 23, 2014 at 5:14 pm

      Maybe you shall meet again…believe me the Universe has a way of making things happen. Even if it seems highly unlikely.



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