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    I think about you a lot. Two summers ago wasn’t that long and you lasted in my mind and my heart for a lot longer than just the time we spent together. Even though we were never together together. And it scares me that I still don’t know why you had such a profound impact

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    It’s a common name, but it still strikes me as odd that I’ve fallen for two of you. You are both so different, opposite ends of the spectrum, really, and I don’t know how that works. Maybe I was just in a different place emotionally

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    How many arguments is it going to take? How many differences of opinions that end in tears? How many times are you going to compromise yourself only to realize it wasn’t a compromise at all? Is this how you want your life to be? When you spend more time complaining, obsessing, and having anxiety than

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    Say what?

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    You can complain from now until next year about a predicament you have landed in. You can try to figure out who is at fault, and to what degree. You can imagine how it would be if only things had gone a different way. However, it would be more to your advantage to start fixing

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