• Dear Husband

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    Dear Husband,

    I’m not the idiot you believed me to be all these years. An intelligent woman learns to choose her battles. I’v learned that you’re going to be a slob regardless of the talks we have and how it makes me feel. I’ve learned you’re going to lie, regardless of how many times you apologize. I’ve learned you’re going to say I’m nagging when I ask you to do something more than once, although you promised it months ago. I’ve learned that you will manipulate situations by having a bad attitude, simply because I think petty arguments are a waste of time.

    If you are as equally intelligent, you have learned a few things too. Know that when I stop talking, I no longer care. Know that when I no longer address the lies, apologies are no longer accepted. When I stop asking you or consulting you, I no longer need you. Lastly, there will be no more situations to manipulate…because we will no longer have a “situation”.

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