• Where do I go….

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    Where do I go from here? We had a wonderful relationship, until you cut me off. Got scared I suppose so I gave you your space. Three months later, we ended up stronger than ever, us against the world. Then, you shut me out again. I refused to accept it at first, but now I am trying to move on with the thought that it wasn’t meant healthy for me to keep hope that it was meant to be.

    This weekend, I saw an old friend for both Friday and Saturday night. He refused to let me out of his sight, gave me a hang to hold and someone to laugh and dance with. Problem is, I have been used for so long I don’t know how to let him in or even show I care. I’m so scared, scared to initiate anything further or put my heart on the line again. Even though those signs were there, how could he possibly be into me? And how do I know I am ready for a REAL relationship?

    So where do I go from here?

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