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    S.E.H, it’s been a year. And it’s November again. You’re back in town with the baby boy and like I said he’ll be just as handsome just like his dad. And he is. I know we left on a sour note, I’m not denying it. I bet you don’t think of me as much as I think of you. But this is the letter I’ll never send or the email you’ll never read. And personally I hope this helps me to finally let you go, because I know your off playing and being a dad now. I understand that life isn’t always flowers and rainbows but you gave me that love that I can’t just shake off. Yes you were a complete asshole but I still recall the freckles on your back tracing them like constellations.us staring at each other in the car and me turning lobster red. Our random nights were you would come home and wake me up from a dead sleep and we would eat filibertos at 3am. I lied to you when I said I don’t see wedding bells or children anymore with you,I was just so hurt and upset by the picture and a lot was happening at that time.you were my best friend,my world,and it all was gone in a blink of an eye. I’m not mad anymore I Just sometimes think maybe if I had taken a step back and breathed. we would of patch things up but it was my birthday and I needed you the most. I was so innocent back then so freak in naive.but I learned so much from that. I learned that love is real and I still and will always love you S.E.H because you were the first person to care for me and accept Me for who I am. needless to say I wish I was that person for you. You rocked my world and gave me a taste of life and how it is. I really hope one day we both can have the best of both worlds instead of one or the other. If not this life maybe will catch each other in the next and do it right.
    The fool who loves her blind man

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