• Dear Life

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    Dear life,

    It’s getting too hard… it’s getting way to hard. Too many people are involved in our relationship. There are millions of people that think they know you but they don’t, and millions of people that think they don’t know you and they do. I may be one of the few that gets your silly quirks and overly controlling personality.

    These past 20+ years have shown me so much about you, but I feel like I am constantly trying to impress you so maybe then you’ll take it easier on me.

    The sad truth is, you aren’t just involved in a relationship with me. You have other people that you spend time with and they all try to break us. They bring in all of the money, jealousy, rage, greed; and they try to destroy whatever this is. Unknown numbers show up on my phone, and I know they are just trying to convince me you are someone that I know you aren’t. They want to get a rise out of me and take away the things that I earn doing chores for the other people involved with you. I just want to be us again, I don’t want to be controlled by money or lack there of and I want all the unknown numbers to turn into loved ones that I have, before it’s too late.

    Why can’t we go back to a time when everything was okay? I had you and you had me and that was the most important thing. Now, it’s like you don’t even know me. You have me doing things that I don’t enjoy and pleasing everyone else that you know loves you too. I shouldn’t have to compete for your attention. Shouldn’t I just be allowed to be happy with you? Why can’t I do all the things that I love, see all the things that I want to see, travel the world that I live in without being a slave to the others that call you their significant other too? I wish it was that easy but the truth is it isn’t, as long as there’s you and there’s me and there’s everyone else, I’m afraid that I’ll never get out alive. Maybe that’s the whole reason you exist, to show me that my true happiness, in fact, will not happen until we break up. If that’s the case, then we are through.



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