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    missing you feels like being drunk in a tornado. i have never been drunk nor have i ever been in a tornado but if i had to describe how my heart feels, that’s how it feels. i feel like this desperate alcoholic that can’t find anything to satisfy itself. i know that you are the cure for this horrible feeling but i am afraid that if i take just one more sip of you, i will fall into a horrible obsession with you. in geometry, you sit two seats in front of me. i am close enough that i can smell your perfume. it brings back memories of laying on the cold sidewalk and looking at the constellations with you. those two desks feel like oceans separating us. i have never admitted this anywhere but i truly think i am in love with you. i honestly and truly am in love with you and the way you breathe and think. your mind is like a fucking kaleidoscope and i want to see the colors. you are the girl that is obsessed with sunsets and puppies. you are what i love and i am not allowed to bask in your joy. things suck right now. i’m dealing with bpd, depression, anxiety, and possibly bipolar disorder. i’m coming to terms with the fact that my dad is a hardcore alcoholic. everyone is leaving and i need you. sorry. you deserve the universe.


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