• The lost childhood stuggle

    by  • November 16, 2014 • Acceptance • 0 Comments

    You didn’t get one.. so you robbed me of mine.

    You stole my joy, you weighed me down.

    You couldn’t just talk to adults about your shit?
    You couldn’t talk to your spouse?
    You had to make me anxious
    you wanted me to grow up to be a mess like you
    congrats.. you succeeded for 22 years… but no fucking more
    I’m taking my life back
    I deserved to be loved properly
    I deserve to listen to my own needs instead of putting everyone else’s first
    I don’t need to be like you dad
    I don’t need to run away from everything my entire life like you have for 60 years
    I don’t need to have kids and then abuse them
    I’m sad you didn’t learn from your own childhood… but I’ll do that for the next generation.. too bad you probably won’t know them.

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