• No more.

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    Well I suppose this is you getting YOUR way now because I give up. I’m emotionally drained from this situation. When I left that place one year ago, I thought to myself, I’m doing this the right way so we can have a real chance. Now it is clear that you never had any intentions on being with me. I’m devastated. There is no reason I should be crying over someone who would treat me with such disregard. Your silence says everything and nothing at the same time. I know you’re reading everything I send. I wonder if you are affected at all by what I say. I feel lonely and lost. I feel broken. How do you feel?

    So I hear you’ve reconnected with an old friend of ours. I do wonder how that came about and if you feel guilty when in his presence. I cant imagine not having either of you in my life. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe you wanted me to cut him out. Maybe you thought I couldn’t possibly be true to you with him still in my life.

    There I go again, rationalizing all of your bad behavior. Don’t worry, I recognize my behavior has not been wonderful but at least I am able to express my feelings without holding back. Isn’t that what you wanted from me? Honesty? How honest have you been? With me, with yourself? How could you put me through this again? Are you testing me to see how far you can push me before I finally leave? Or are you just afraid because you know this is it. You can hide from me but you cant hide from the feelings you have. I wish you more consistent in expressing them.

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    3 Responses to No more.

    1. On the other end...
      November 17, 2014 at 8:12 am

      Just because your person has read all of your letters doesn’t mean they knew any of them were actually from you. As someone whose person (I believe) writes to them here sometimes I can tell you nothing is more frustrating than trying to guess what their feelings are on any given day. I know this is an anonymous site but it’s a little hypocritical to write completely anonymous letters and then complain because your person isn’t responding.


    2. @on the other end
      November 17, 2014 at 9:56 am

      Who said the author is referring to sending letters here? Perhaps they are referring to sending emails directly to their person. Just because you have a situation where your only means of communication is through here, does not mean that is the author’s situation. How is it even a real relationship if you’re merely guessing they *might* be posting here? Look at yourself instead of acting holier than thou and judging someone else based on your own scenerio.


    3. Author
      November 18, 2014 at 2:41 am

      I was not speaking of the letters I dont send, Im am speaking of those I do. Thank you @ for recognizing that possibility. In any case, I understand your frustration in reading letters here, thinking they could be from your person. Key word being could. I guess we will never know unless we have that awkward conversation with our people. I can tell you one thing for sure, someone often writes here in response to my LINS as if they do know. I dont necessarily mind that. I appreciate all feedback but think its important to remember that chances are, we are not each others people.



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