• My disgust kept secret

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    When you told me about it i silently disconnected. I could not believe it but once i did i realized just how different we are. Just how much you have changed. Just how much you disgust me.

    You continue trying to have your friend close all the while i keep you just close enough not to alarm you. After years you finally allow the seperation.

    Weight lifted. No more weighing me down with your self made issues. No more guilt trips when i fail to give you attention. No more drowning myself to keep you afloat.

    Drown away. And drown you will once you finally realize how long ive known. You play your role and so will i. Just long enough to slowly drift without it being an obvious seperation.

    You cant keep friends being a liar. And you are just that. You lie about everything. You tell stories and later cant remember what you said. You twist it all up into a ball of lies so that not a single part is even recognizable. When i overheard you telling someone about your job and you lied saying you were this when really you were that. It makes no sense. Both this and that suck. Why lie?

    I refuse to be a part of your lies. And thats why we are not friends. Deal with it. Just as i have dealt with you all these years.

    And to her only other friend call me. Dont want you hanging out in the dark for too long. Ill leave my porch light on.

    Sincerely britney

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