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    I’m so scared for you.
    I bet that’s what you want.
    But i’m selfish enough to abstain that fear, and let you venture off into this strange “avenir” that you’ve committed to. I’m sorry if I want so badly for us to see each other, that I would stand in the way of common sense. No, you see, to sustain what you think of me, I’ll tell you it’s all up to you, its a decision that concerns only yourself.
    Ahhhhh but that’s a lieeeeee.
    We both know I’m saying it because I know you’d never say no. (please say no!)
    ohno! you need to look strong don’t you? It’s pathetic
    but that’s why I like you so much. It’s appearance.
    I’m so scared though. I’m scared for what might happen to your mysterious mind. I hope you’ll travel to dimensions so nearby we couldn’t possibly have known they existed.
    I hope you find the route to my body and find comfort in my presence. I’ve thought about watching you that way, watching you react, vulnerable and unable to contain. But this isn’t about sexuality. nope. Remember what i said! And sexuality is only fun if we’re fully present (otherwise what’s the point boy).
    its about awareness.
    My feelings render me naive to my own intuition.
    I feel so terrible already. I feel faint and unhealthy. But I want you to. I want you to.
    I think I want you.
    I wonder why you chose me.
    I wonder if you love me.

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