• Dear Bunny

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    Dear Bunny,

    I was just thinking last night, how funny things can change within a week. Last Thursday (6.Nov.14), I dropped by to pass you some things for your dad as it was his birthday. And then we went to the petrol kiosk where you put petrol with me, and took a quick walk at the night market under the rain. It was fun walking so briskly under the rain trying to see everything before the stalls shut for the night. Thanks for sheltering me with the umbrella making sure I didn’t get wet. So glad I even got to buy myself some coconut water and fruits from the stall. I love guavas! I enjoyed the walk and company, thank you… <3

    Hard to believe that this was only a week ago, and yesterday we had one of the loudest arguments where we shouted/snubbed at each other and I left home feeling so terribly upset and angry. Oh… how fragile we are.

    I wrote a long email to you last night, explaining what got me this upset. Frankly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to send it out and thought that it may just be one of the emails posted here but I decided to eitherway. Just thought you should know anyway. This morning, you pleasantly surprised me with a tiny packet of Nyonya rice which you purchased from the same night market! Even though it wasn't only for me, it was nice. Thank you bunny. <3

    Xoxo, Kimmy.

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