• Dear Jimi: Eat Shit and Die

    by  • November 13, 2014 • Goodbye • 0 Comments

    Dear God, I’m so happy that you’re finally out of my life, completely. I loved you so fucking much and you always took advantage of that. You’ve almost ruined the greatest love I’ve ever known, twice. And it was all because you were too chickenshit to ever love anyone. Even yourself.

    In case you were wondering, my marriage is still going strong despite what happened with you. I realized that you were never worth the uncertainty and pain. I hope you’re happy living your life alone, because I’m sure that’s the only way you’ll end up. You poison everything that you touch and that includes me, my marriage, and a six year friendship.

    God, the mere thought of you disgusts me now. Makes my fucking skin crawl. I just wish I had felt that way before I let you fuck me.

    Goodbye, Jimi. I’m glad you’re gone.

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