• Tell me you love me..

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    Why won’t you tell me you love me?
    I know you do, I feel it, I know it but I just want to hear you say those 3 words to me and mean it. It’s been a year baby, I’ve already fallen completely in love with you, and you know I have. I’ve already told you that I love you, I put myself out there.. I’ve given you the one thing that means the most to my heart & all the love that I have I’ve given to you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. And I know I really do love you because even tho you don’t love me I still love you. It’s hard to love you sometimes though, because I wonder if you’ll ever love me. Sometimes I already feel like you do, but you’ve never said it to me so im left wondering. Maybe im being selfish because maybe your afraid of being hurt, I’ve already hurt you and I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean too, I was confused and scared too. I didn’t know how you felt and I still don’t but I know how I feel now and I guess that’s all that should matter right. Sometimes I want so badly to just give up on you because I don’t know if you’ll ever love me.. Sometimes the pain of knowing that you don’t love me, hurts soo much. But I can’t give up because the thought of losing you and not having you in my life hurts even more than that. The worst part is no one knows exactly how I feel about you and no one knows about the pain that I have to live with everyday. The only thing I can do now is wait.. The only thing keeping me from leaving you is hope.. The hope that one day you will sweep me off my feet and tell me how much you love me because in my heart I know that you do, or I wouldn’t love you this much. Baby please just tell me that you love me & make me the happiest girl in the world. I love you. & I’ll be waiting but I can’t wait forever baby…
    My heart can’t take it.. It can only take so much.. But for now I’ll wait as long as my heart can take it…

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