• I’m a Failure

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    Dear World,
    I feel like I have let everybody down in this world time after time after time again. I fell like I can do no right in this world. I’ve made my mom cry, my dad beat me and kick me out the house and I fell like there is nothing left for me and my brother. My life has been one big disappointment after another and I’m tired of it. Tired of letting people down, tired of letting myself down and tired of not making the basketball team. I’m tired of my grades looking like crap. My grades have looked bad ever since the 6th grade and I don’t even go on Parent Portal without any confidence anymore. My life was just something created by God as a time filler. I’m not special, I’m just garbage. My life has no value and no future. I’m tired of failing. Every time I look at my mom and dad I just see faces that say; Disappointment, Failed us, You can’t be my son. I let my life get so bad to where my own Father said twice “I don’t like you.” My life is a failure and nothing more. Nobody will remember me because I will not have done anything. I was born to be a disappointment to this world. To my closest and dearest friends and to my family I’m sorry I have been such a failure. I also want to apologize to a certain individual for constantly bullying you in middle school. I know it was wrong of me to do and i apologize for it. My life is over, I am a nobody.

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    1. you
      November 15, 2014 at 1:37 am

      You need to watch a movie called “About a Boy” starring a very young Leonardo DiCaprio.

      You need to watch it. Trust me. Just watch it. This is not the end; its only the beginning of being stronger. Overcome.



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