• Dear Jessica,

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    Dear Jessica,

    I can no longer continue to be your “best friend”. Why you ask? It’s because you treat me like shit. Before high school started, before you got a boyfriend, We would talk every day. You would listen to my problems and I would listen to yours. We would go on walks and just talk about nothing. We ran through sprinklers and rain. We would always hug and say Love you. We had amazing times. But now you have a boyfriend and apparently better friends too. You ditched me several times to hang out with Noah or Brianna. The most recent incident was, We made plans to spend the night at my house. You tell me your mom has to go on a date and you have to watch your sisters but you’d be over when she gets home. I tell you if it’s any later then 9 you can’t come because of grandmas rules. At 10:14 your mom calls me and asks if she can talk to you. I say your not with me and you know what she tells me? she says you where meeting me at carousel skate. You just got caught in your own lie. This is what the 5th time you lied to be with noah? I would’ve been cool if you told me you where going to hang out with noah for a little bit. but no you decide to show up at my hose at 11 oclock and act like nothings wrong. That really pissed me off. Right when I open the door I say you’re fucked and she’s like what? and i tell her that her mom called me and I know she was with noah. She asks me if she can still stay cause she doesn’t want to deal with her mom and in my head i’m like why the HELL would i let you stay after you lied to me for several times now? BUt i tell her that she needed to call her mom and she just lays down on my bed. I’m like Call your mom now. And she texts her off my phone cause hers died. Her mom came to get her and she left. I was mad, but I wasn’t mad cause you ditched me, I was mad cause you lied to me… again. There fore i will am no longer your friend. Im sorry but i deserve to be listened to and i sure as hell don’t deserve to be lied to. Congrats for throwing our 6 years down the drain for some stupid boy.

    ~ Skylar

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