• a letter to san francisco

    by  • November 12, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    my dear city,

    i know this is kind of dumb and pointless because you’re a city and cities can’t read letters from stupid and delirious teenage girls but i really don’t care because this is for you my darling. for you and you only. a lot of people say that cities smell really bad but this is not true about you. you smell like faint cigarette smoke and cosmic dreams. you see, new york is the city of business and knowledge and los angeles is for the pretty people. vegas is for the party lovers. but you, you’re something else. you are for the bruised souls that need a place to call home. you take people like me under your wing and give us something to live for. you have no expectations of the people that reside in you. they don’t have to be rich, or smart, or pretty, or fun. there’s no limit to you my love. i need you. you are mine.


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