• your supposed to be my bestie

    by  • November 11, 2014 • * Safe for Work *, Disappointment • 0 Comments

    Your meant to be my bestfriend and you don’t even act like one now I’m starting to dislike you… No let me rephrase that im starting to hate you, we hardly talk anymore you dont even seem to have any time for me anymore no matter how hard I try and put all the effort in, there’s just no return I’m not going to bother now I fucking give up there is people in this world who I can befriend maybe they might treat me better than you do, bestfriends text eachothers talk to eachother tell eachother things you can’t tell anyone else I’m meant to be your first go to for stuff and yet these days you don’t come to me with anything you don’t share things with me anymore.

    Maybe you have replaced me with someone else which is what I feared would happen..maybe it’s my fault I’m not sure maybe it’s all in my head I’m not sure.

    But either way I can feel us growing apart texts reply are getting long and longer, you feel cold towards me I can feel it.

    Still in sitting here hurting over you again why? Why do I put myself through this shit all the fucking time I’m fed up with it you are meant to be there for me like I am there for you but your no where to be seen anymore. ITs sad I see now how friends grow apart.

    I don’t feel I can even come to you with this letter this is why I’m writing it here maybe you will see it maybe you won’t if it sounds like your situation then maybe this is me writing to you as I know u come here still.

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