• To The Parents

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    When a woman is pregnant there are tests to show if a child will have physical deformitys, sometimes even mental ones. And these parents are strong for raising these Angels we know.

    But the parents of this generation of teenagers- my generation- are the strongest I know. Why? Because this generation has had a perfectly normal childhood, and often comes from a perfectly normal childhood, and every single day there are more and more of us diagnosed with depression, bipolar, anxiety.

    So this is to those parents- the parents raising a teenager with depression, or another emotional disorder. To those parents who don’t have any warning, and no way to understand what their child is going through. To those parents, from a teenager with emotion disorders.

    First off you should know that we don’t choose to be this way, and that it scares us more than imaginable. Having an emotional disorder is like not being able to control what your mind does next. The smallest things can set off our next episode- be it crying or screaming.
    Be careful with your children, but do not baby them. A fine line here, and it can and will set off an episode if you go to far in either direction.
    Also, know that we are sorry for the say we treat you when we are having an episode. Please understand that during these times we are not rational, and need to be forgiven for the things we say without meaning it.
    Often times we will have issues in school. This is normal, and you need to accept the fact that we cannot learn like normal kids, especially when we are upset, or having an episode.
    Thank you for coping with us, and please remember that we love you very much.

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