• the time she broke me

    by  • November 11, 2014 • * Safe for Work * • 0 Comments

    you told me to leave you alone and i swear to god, my lungs collapsed. my body shook so hard that i had to sit on the floor in that microscopic bathroom stall. my tears streaked violently down my face. they looked like zig zagged lightning streaks. every breath i inhaled sounded like raging thunder. mt body felt like a raindrop falling swiftly from a dark sky. my head felt like an overcast sky. promising sadness and heartache. my eyelids were branded with the image of your words telling me to go away. was it easy? i wonder for how long you wanted to say those words. i sat in that stall for 30 fucking minutes. it felt like my world had collapsed. when i finally emerged from the stall, i looking at myself in the stained mirror. my “waterproof” mascara was no longer on my eyelashes but was trailing down my face like smoke clouds when they rise up into nothingness. after punching the cinder block wall a few times, i said, “fuck it” and that was the moment i knew you’d given up.

    dedicated to the one and only k.k.a

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