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    tell them to look up.
    tell them to remember the stars.
    tell them to remember what it felt like to be in that place that one time.
    tell them that they arent alone.
    tell them they deserve to be here.
    tell them that their laugh contains sun rays.
    tell them that they have flowers under their scarred wrists and thighs.
    tell them that they have the earth in their veins
    and the moon in their soul.
    tell them to remember that its okay to not be okay.
    life contains sorrow and despair.
    tell them to remember that other people feel this way too.
    tell them that there are people that want to help.
    remind them of the future they will have.
    tell them that no matter how many times they mutilate their skin, it will not help in the long run.
    tell them that its okay to want to die.
    tell them they just cant act on that thought.
    tell them that they are not a grenade.
    people care about other people.
    tell them to live and breathe and scream and run and hike and travel and most of all, love.
    finally, tell yourself this too.
    believe every word my dear reader.
    for all of this is true.

    with much love and adoration,

    olivia l

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