• Leave me alone, let me live

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    To Aaron,
    Unfortunately I cannot start this letter with dear, because I believe it does not make sense to start it that way when you do not hold the person dear. It’s very hard for me to even think about writing you a letter because I don’t want to have anything to do with you, but you just can seem to leave me alone. You told me that you see the likeness between us but I cannot agree to that statement, if so then we will still be friends, would we not? You said that you are tired of seeing how people take advantage of my kindness and good heartedness but I cannot think of anyone who took advantage of those two things more than you have. You probably think that I did you wrong and I am not fair to you but you never thought that all I want is to live my life how I want to, simply. The only thing you add to my life was complications and disruptions. It is not only one time I explained to you and told you to leave me alone. A normal person, a person in their right mind will leave someone alone if they caused someone to think about killing themselves because you basically try to bury them alive while they are trying hard to escape the ditch. I don’t believe a true friend will tell their friend that their friend is stupid for not getting over a breakup after three month and tell their friend that they deserve the pain because they chose to date the person they had feelings for. A true friend will not tell their friend to pack-up their bags and just leave their family who include a mother who just came out of surgery, who needed them the most at the time. No relationship, even a non-romantic relationship is healthy when one side is emotionally and verbally abusing the other side. So, just leave me alone, I do not need the beat down that may cause me my life because I cannot control the negative thoughts and there is no one around to stop me. Just let me be, let me live.
    River Jade Cloud

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