• double sided pillow

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    oh please
    let me jump in a dream, any dream against this, let me never see the people I love, or tell them how happy they once made me.
    I’d like to forget myself in my imagination, please. A cup of tea? the rabbits snarl and laugh at me. I don’t remember the taste of coffee, but thinking about it makes me sweaty. They give me sugar candies that smell like rice. I’m not sure why I’m strapped to a purple couch and stick my toes together with scotch tape. I hope the tape rips off my skin. It would be nice to see if i actually have a heart. The tv blurts out angry words and i find it funny to be here. oh please. oh please don’t let me look out the window. I don’t care for the sun any longer -I think i remember how sunlight tastes! i don’t really need to know, now, do i? I know the bugs will find me.
    But even madness is better than reality

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