• Cruelest Person Ever

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    Dear ______,

     What you did to me is the cruelest thing any person has ever done to me.  You literally have burned my heart into pieces in a way that words can’t even explain.  I did everything for you, cared for you from the bottom of my every being, loved your family, loved your baby nephew as if he was my own.  You literally threw me to the street as if I never meant anything to you.  As if I was dead to you.  I got zero closure and never will understand.  I will never understand how you literally threw the perfect girl to the street and left her in pieces without a care in the world.  But reality is you’re the most messed up human being I have ever encountered in my life.  You are a raging alcoholic who tried to anally rape me and only brought negativity to my life.  You were jealous of me.  You were the kind of guy I wish that my one day daughter never ever encounters in her life.  You need serious help and need serious reflection on your life.  I hope that you never ever contact me, see me, or pretend to have ever even been associated with me for the rest of your life.  You are in fact DEAD to me.  I don’t give a flying **** what you do or what happens to you ever.  And if for some god forsaken reason I even cross you on the street or see you in person, I hope you know to stay away and don’t even look at me because you are such trash its not even funny.  I can go to bed at night knowing I was the best human being anyone could have ever been to another person and you can go to bed at night knowing you are the most vial piece of garbage on this Earth.

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