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    That’s how many times i was going to write this month. I just, well i just feel crushed today. I thought of you, which as i said before is not unusual, i do that every day. Today though i just wished so much you were near, what would i do? What wouldn’t i, just to be near again. I dream of it, being there, in another life or reality. I thought of your family actually, of somehow being with you and them thinking i wanted you just for the sex, telling me to leave.
    And i was telling them how i love you, and you heard, and were happy to hear what i said. But it is only a dream, if only some magic existed.
    And the irony is i told you i loved you because i was scared, scared you would find someone too soon, move on too soon, be gone from my life, i would never have another chance. Oh the bitter irony that it was that very fear that caused me to do what pushed you from my life.
    I wish i could have my greatest wish for a while at least. To come home and lay there holding you.
    I should be saying how i want to take you to bed but of course i do, but you know what would be better than that, waking up with you and getting to be there another day. You just don’t know do you.
    Of course you know how stunning you are. But you don’t get it really how amazing and perfect you are, just being near you was a gift, as sorry to have lost it, i am so grateful i ever knew you, yes my heart was smashed to face life without you but i will always treasure every second i remember. You are just beyond compare, no woman not an angel in heaven, matches you, everything about you i love. Always.

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