• Just another song and dance

    by  • November 4, 2014 • To You • 0 Comments

    It was never supposed to work. You knew that, i knew that, and yet you had to try it anyways. Do you remember the first night we hung out? I told you, “you would never want to date someone like me.” I realize now i shouldn’t of said that because i think you took it as some form of reverse psychology. But what I really meant was I didn’t want to date you. I knew you were leaving for school and i didn’t want to get attached to something that was going away. As time went on our feelings grew for each other and what do you know we had to try it right? no we fucking didn’t but we did anyways. I told you a hundred times I didn’t want to go there with you. long distance sucks and it never works. I resent you for this. I take full acceptance for the fault to lay on me, but for fuck sakes you didn’t make it easy to say no.

    and fast forward 4 months i’m sitting here. the same place i promised myself i wouldn’t be 2 years ago. Its honestly like you saw my walls and had to break them down, just to see if you fucking could. Well congrats it worked. I let you in and what i feared most, what i absolutely did not want to happen, did. You broke my heart. And honestly i feel nothing I don’t have any more love to even be sad anymore. If i let my emotions come up I feel like Ill slip and loose control. So now all i tell myself is “who the fuck cares”? and I have successfully convinced myself that its no one. So go and sleep with as many guys as you want. send me pictures tell me how great it is. Then call me crying and saying sorry when your drunk. I’ve done this dance before and right now I cant do it anymore.

    Who the fuck cares?

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