• It could have worked..

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    despite our geography.I had every intention of moving to be with you. Situations that where not under my control presented themselves. First, I never got the impression that is what you wanted, because after all, you didn’t want a commitment. Second, when things were good they were great, but when they were bad, it got bad. I don’t absolve myself from anything I did to fuel the fire. I know that alcohol wasn’t a good mix. Every time alcohol was part of the venue, arguments ensued, and I felt like you were more in love with the bottle than me. We never got the opportunity to have real closure because you would push me away and refuse to talk to me. I always wanted to have a grown up conversation with you, but I guess that wasn’t in the cards either. xoxo

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    1. That It Could've...
      November 20, 2014 at 8:36 am

      Alcohol was one of the cataclysts which is why I never have more than two drinks now…ever. We both push pulled each other in multiple directions?



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