• First Love

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    The world is full of the wreckage of unfulfilled dreams, broken promises, unrealized expectations…the clouds and darkness of our collective lives. Each day though, we can see, we are not blinded by the dark, we unconsciously look for the visible beauty given to us and most will never even know they’re looking much less see it. Dreams, desires, emotions are all around us everyday, it only takes the slightest glance to see or the unfortunate blink to miss them. We are born of great expectations and dreams that very few, if any, really meet. Wealth or success of a grand scale are only material markers and do not speak from or to the heart. It is how we love or are loved that will be our measure of success and our shroud in the next life. I will wear a shroud that will cast light in many directions to those I love and have loved. I know where at least one beam will always rest upon. Nothing need be done for this, it was always as it should be.

    Seems a bit grim but it is truly meant for the lightness of the emotion of loving and being loved. I, sometimes, think that I put you off a bit with my comments. If so, sorry. No need to deliberate or worry that I may infer too much into anything we exchange. I, more often than not, let my mind run free with you and those are true flights of fancy. I will probably never even hold your hand much less have loftier expectations. It is a child within that I will not let age or perish and you represent the heart of that child. The ferocity of a young guys first desires and an unattainable target of those desires all remain within this child. Fortunately, for all concerned, it is a unicorn, an elf in the forest, a muse meant to keep life where it was intended….In the beautiful light of dreams.

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